Assemble Instructions

Option 1: Partially Assembled | Default Option

Selecting Option 1 means your vehicle will be partially assembled, providing you with the opportunity to complete the assembly and testing process. Here's the approximate assembly percentage for each vehicle type:

  • Go-Karts: Approximately 80% assembled
  • Golf Carts: 60 to 70% assembled (Note: Requires extensive assembly)
  • ATVs: 85 to 90% assembled
  • UTVs: 70 to 80% assembled
  • Dirt Bikes: 85 to 90% assembled

Please note that golf carts, in particular, require substantial assembly effort. Ensure you are prepared for a significant assembly task, especially if you choose this vehicle type.

Option 2: Fully Assembled and Tested

Opting for Option 2 means you receive your vehicle fully assembled and thoroughly tested, ready for immediate use. The delivery will be made to your doorstep using a roll-back or pickup truck with a trailer. For a customized quote based on your location, please Live Chat us on the website or Email us at This option offers the convenience of a ride-ready vehicle without the need for assembly or testing on your part.

Assembly Instructions:

Instructions for Assembling Your Roger Voyager Vehicle

  1. Initial Contact:

    • Upon receiving your vehicle, call us at 307-316-8386 to connect with our technicians. We value building a tech support relationship with our customers from the start.
  2. Vehicle Inspection:

    • When the truck arrives, carefully inspect the box and metal crate for damage. Note any issues on the trucker's paperwork before signing and document them with detailed pictures.
  3. Assembly Overview:

    • Most vehicles come 80 to 90% assembled. Refer to our YouTube channel for detailed assembly videos: DF200GKA and 200cc Buggy.
  4. Battery Preparation:

    • Fill the battery with the provided acid solution, ensuring cells are within the red lines. After an hour, use a 10-amp battery charger. Install the battery last to allow sufficient charging time.
  5. Wheel Installation:

    • Use jack stands under the axle for support. Unbolt the axle from the frame, lift the vehicle onto jack stands, and install wheels. Apply lok-tite on lug nuts for extra safety.
  6. Component Check and Tightening:

    • Check and tighten shocks, arms, spindles, and the brake system. Rotate front shocks or spindle assembly if necessary. Ensure all Kotter pins are installed on tie rod ends and the rear axle.
  7. Rack and Cage Installation:

    • Install the roll cage for buggies and front/rear luggage racks for ATVs. Securely tighten all hardware using lok-tite.
  8. Fluid Checks:

    • Check transmission oil levels and fill if needed (GY6 engines use 80w90 gear oil). Add nearly a full quart of 10W-40 motor oil for GY6 engines. Change break-in oil after burning through 2-3 gallons of gas.
  9. Battery and Fuel:

    • Install the battery and add gasoline after oil is in the engine. Use ethanol-free gasoline if possible. Shut off the petcock when not riding to prevent carburetor issues.
  10. Post-Assembly Checks:

    • Regularly inspect your vehicle for loose bolts or parts during the first few weeks. Tighten as necessary.
  11. Photo Sharing:

    • Take pictures during assembly and while riding. Share them with other riders on our Roger Voyager Facebook Group.
  12. Additional Reading:

    • Read our Do's and Don'ts for your new vehicle and familiarize yourself with our one-year warranty on parts and labor.
  13. Tech Support:

  14. Performance Upgrade:

    • Explore our performance parts if you want to enhance your vehicle's speed or torque.
  15. Replacement Parts:

    • In the event of breakdowns, we offer a massive selection of replacement parts.

At Roger Voyager, we're not just selling vehicles; we are your trusted partner in the journey of owning and enjoying your vehicle.