Order Cancellation Policy

Cancellation Policy for Roger Voyager Orders

If you wish to cancel an order before the items have been shipped, please contact our customer service at +1(307)3168386 to make the request. Keep in mind that when you placed your order with Roger Voyager, it initiated a legal and binding contract. As a result, canceling an order is not an automatic process, and both parties must agree to dissolve the contract.

It's essential to understand that Roger Voyager may have already invested work, money, or materials into manufacturing or fulfilling your order. This includes special orders for vehicles, materials, or parts tailored specifically for your order. Consequently, any expenses incurred by Roger Voyager cannot be refunded. For instance, credit card processing fees are non-refundable, as the credit card company manages both the payment and refund processes. Additionally, labor, time, and expenses associated with processing the order and issuing a refund may apply.

If your vehicle has already been picked up and is in transit, the shipping or transport fee cannot be refunded. Refusing delivery will necessitate payment of the shipping fee to Roger Voyager. Furthermore, a cancellation fee ranging from 5% to 20% will be applicable, depending on the extent of work and expenses incurred by Roger Voyager.

For custom-made products such as custom engines or vehicles involving special orders and labor in the manufacturing process, a cancellation fee of 20% to 30% will be applied based on the investments made in your custom product.