Roger Voyager 1-Year Warranty

Roger Voyager Warranty Policy | 1 Year Warranty

Many warranty policies are known for their length, complexity, and exclusions. Unlike our competitors, Roger Voyager's warranty policy is straightforward and designed to cover both manufacturing and design defects. We believe in accountability and recognize that design engineers can influence product quality just as much as production operators.

Warranty Coverage:

  1. Lifetime Warranty on Roger Voyager Heavy Duty Products:

    • Our USA-manufactured products are over-engineered and robust. We proudly offer a lifetime warranty, allowing for repairs or replacements at any point in your vehicle's life. This warranty is transferable, enhancing the resale value of your vehicle.
  2. Warranty for ATVs, Buggies, Go-Karts, UTVs, and Complete Vehicles:

    • All vehicles sold by Roger Voyager are covered by a One-Year Warranty against failure due to manufacturing or design defects. This comprehensive warranty includes engines, parts, and labor. To avail of labor coverage, deliver the vehicle to our facility for service. If delivery is not possible, our technicians will guide you or your mechanic through troubleshooting, repairs, or parts replacement.
  3. Engines Warranty:

    • All engines sold by Roger Voyager come with a 12-month (1 year) warranty against manufacturing or design defects. Work with our technicians to address issues, and if unsuccessful, return the engine to us for repair at your shipping cost.
  4. Parts Warranty:

    • Parts sold by Roger Voyager are covered by a 90-day warranty against manufacturing or design defects. Contact us for a return authorization before returning a part. The returned part will be repaired or replaced, and you are responsible for the shipping cost.

Electrical Parts:

  • Due to widespread misuse of electrical parts, Roger Voyager offers a limited warranty on electrical components. Customers with a history of minimal warranty claims are eligible for this coverage.


  • Normal wear and tear, abuse, and misuse are not covered under any of the mentioned warranties.

Abusive Behavior and Tech Support:

  • Abusive behavior, including yelling, cursing, or threatening, will void your warranty and free tech support. We prioritize maintaining a positive relationship and expect mutual respect.

Legal Obligations:

  • This document constitutes a legal and binding contract. Customers must adhere to the terms. Actions outside of this agreement, such as chargebacks, may result in legal consequences. Any violation of the agreement may require the customer to return the product at their expense.

Commitment to Warranty:

  • Roger Voyager is committed to fulfilling its warranty obligations. While we often go beyond our legal obligations to assist customers, such actions are solely at our discretion. We are dedicated to maintaining a positive relationship with our customers and upholding the principles outlined in this warranty policy.